Tires & Tools

A handy collection of all recommended products, from Replace Both Motorcycle Tires at the Same Time?

Tools – Tire Irons

These are nice and long and come in a set of 3. At 16″you can get all the leverage you going to need to remove & install a motorcycle tire!  I got a set at a very good price on Amazon. Surprisingly well finished and chromed.

Dunlop D404

Purchased a set for Project Gold Wing, see the series on The Tube. They have very good ratings with most metrics, like lifespan, noise, and rain riding. Price was right too. For Canadians, check out Revco/ATV Tires, the best online price I could find, with fast delivery.

Dunlop Elite 4 

This design & performance of the Elite 4 obsoletes the Elite 3’s. Interestingly only the rear is radial and the front is a bias-ply. They are dual-compound design, with the center made of high wear rubber, and the side areas use high-performance rubber for the best of both. They are reported as good in dry as wet, good handling tire, owner’s indicating 10 – 19k mile tire life.  Dunlop is my favorite tire brand, in my experience, they are a perfect balance between cost and performance.


Dunlop 250 Series – Factory stock OEM tires, for Gold Wings.

Bridgestone G704/G709

Radials, OEM equipment on newer Gold Wings, radials, “Designed and developed specifically for GL1800 Gold Wing 2001-2007”. Sporadic quality issues, owners indicating 12k – 20 k mile tire life. OEM on the GL1800, and great for GL1500s too.


Tire Balancing – Bead Kit

This is a DIY one-time solution, inject beads into the tire with tools provided. The beads will naturally move to required positions to dynamically balance your tires.  No sloppy gooey mess like other sealant-balancing products. Note: you may even be charged more for tire changes if you have used the sealant-balancing syrup, I would avoid this stuff unless in an emergency. 


TPS – Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Maintaining correct pressure is a big factor in tire life and your safety. This wireless TPS will cut out the hassle of manually checking (and forgetting to check) and give you the confidence you are riding on perfectly inflated tires – highly recommended!

Tire Pressure Gauge

Simple and effective, small enough to fit anywhere – every rider needs one, if even if it’s back up to your TPS monitor.