Project – Gold Wing

I created this running post to track & organize “Project Gold Wing”. This post is meant to be a companion to the YouTube series, I have links to each video for convenience. In addition to organizing the videos, updates will include costs and facts and figures involved in this project.

In short, I am selling off a couple of bikes (after I get them running) and buying a GL1200, of unknown vintage or condition. For sure, it will “fixer-up” and hopefully I will learn a lot and I can share it all here, combined with the YouTube Channel.

1.0 Introduction – YT Channel Introduction

I ramble on about the plan to sell off some extra motorcycles, take my winnings and buy a previously enjoyed Gold Wing. Of course, the long term goal is to tour on it too!  YouTube video here.

2.0 Found One!

Quick video of what I found, 1985 GL1200A Aspendcade. For sure, I am not following “The Plan”, but for 400 bucks delivered to my driveway! I couldn’t pass on this one. Buyer’s remorse?  YouTube video here.

3.0 First Checks

Checking out what I got my self into, a bit surprising what I find. Have to take off a lot of badly installed electrical gizmos (video). Most of it is obsolete, or scrap anyway, see yah.  I was expecting some drama on the first startup (video).  And for the fun of it, I run a compression test. I still don’t get how the results where like this, cold versus a warm engine, weird.

4.0 Tire Change

Collected and tested various ways to break beads, remove old tires, and mount new ones. I learned a lot and changed my mind about a few things. Video links – Youtube, and BitChute.  New front tire has a manufacturing defect, still waiting for an RMA, so can’t do the rear until I get the front fixed – unexpected twist.

5.0 What’s Going on Now?

  • XS650 – design an alternative gas tank, rig up a bypass for the ignition switch. Then start it! Then sell it.
    • Pretty cold out, this may stay on the wish list for a bit.
  • Planned – permanently solder and shrink wrap 3 yellow alternator wires, since it’s outside in the cold may put off till spring.
  • Planned – cut windshield, remove side skirts because of crack on one side.