DIY Cruise Control

A handy collection of all recommended products, from Motorcycle Cruise Control: Is it a DIY Upgrade?

Throttle Grip Clamp & Lever design is the simplest and cheapest. The unit clamps on the throttle grip, towards the inboard of the rider’s hand. Friction is adjustable with a knurled set screw. The extension rests on the brake lever keeping your throttle in the desired open position. This design lets the rider override open throttle setting by turning the grip overcoming the friction holding it in place.  There are versions without the set screw, but they rely solely on the 

Best Value

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Bar end mounted. Very low profile and integrated look. Friction is set by rotating the knob that sticks out from the handlebar end. Note, you may need to balance the handlebar dynamics with a dummy that installs in the clutch side. 

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Throttle Grip with Quick Release – this design mounts between the throttle grip and the handlebar mounted throttle housing. It still uses friction, but it applied to the side of the throttle housing. The rider can still override the unit’s friction if the button release did not work for any reason.

It incorporates a thumb operated quick set & release mechanism.  This design is superior since it can be operated with one hand, which makes it the safest & best design in my opinion. There are upper and lower versions to be used depending on throttle design of your bike. Another nice feature is that it is firmly connected to your motorcycle, making it less tempting for someone to steal.

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This is a similar design quick release unit, but the friction area is on the throttle grip. I think these are not as good looking as the Bar End or the Quick Release units, above. But they are priced a lot lower also.

Kuryakyn-6218-Throttle Assist – Check Amazon

For Harleys

HD’s come with a standard throttle set screw, found on the underside of the throttle housing. This can effectively be used for cruise control, I have used mine, and it works pretty well. Access to the screw while driving is not the best and could be unsafe. This item simply replaces the standard set screw with a thumb-operated lever.

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